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Title Posted By Date
Triathlon 101 - Introduction to LA Tri Club& the Multisport World Chris Lohman 01/26/2016
Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race Report Liz Kollar 08/17/2011
Racing with 'heart'.. someone else's heart Tim Bomba 12/03/2010
Ironman Brazil 70.3 Race Report, 8/28/2010 Nils Taylor 09/01/2010
Race Report: IM Coeur d'Alene '09 Audra Lalley 07/22/2009
Make a Smooth Transition Jamie Silber, USAT Level 2 Coach 06/03/2009
Konrad's Top 10 Cheap or Free Ways to Get Faster Konrad Ribeiro 03/30/2009
Swim, Stride & Suds Konrad Ribeiro 03/24/2009
2009 Ocean Speed Circuit info and FAQ's Konrad Ribeiro 03/24/2009
.: 2009 Spring Training Camp :. Liz Oakes 02/03/2009
Craig Alexander scheduled for Monday, Feb. 2nd Meeting Liz Hamm 01/19/2009
2009 Events Scheduled Liz Hamm 12/15/2008
2009 Sponsor Search Paul Hekimian 12/04/2008
My Kona 2008 by Mark Lytle Mark Lytle 11/15/2008
2008 Member Award nominations open until Dec. 1 Liz Oakes 11/05/2008
XTERRA USA Moves to Utah–The End of an 8 Year Run in Incline Village, NV Erin Beresini 10/24/2008
The Inside Triathlon Merger with Triathlete Magazine: Good or Bad for Triathlon? Erin Beresini 10/22/2008
Monaco 70.3 Tamara Adelman 09/28/2008
Monaco 70.3 Sept. 7, 2008 Tamara Adelman 09/22/2008
IM Wisconsin on a Mountain Bike Gil Solomon 09/16/2008
Ironman Training without your spouse divorcing you– Rhabdomyolysis – Full Vineman Richard Valdez 09/10/2008
'Oh, The Places You'll Go' - Dr. Seuss Tim Bomba 06/25/2008
What is my "Training Level"? Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced? Konrad Ribeiro 06/03/2008
Buy A Bigger Bowl Jeff Matlow 05/16/2008
LA Tri Club presents Conrad Stoltz & Melanie McQuaid Club 04/16/2008
April 1st, 2008 Arkady Hagopian 04/15/2008
HI, MAINTENANCE. Jeff Matlow 02/19/2008
The Race from Head to Heart Brian Melekian 01/23/2008
LA Tri Club intervewied for Herbert Krabel 12/11/2007
Welcome to the New Home of the LA Tri Club! Brian Morel 11/14/2007

News & Updates

Title Posted By Date
A Dam Good Time - Training Day Extravaganza Paul Hekimian 05/17/2024
LA Tri Club Open Water Swims Paul Hekimian 04/07/2024
LA Tri Club Open Water Swim Paul Hekimian 11/14/2023
Teen Team - Legacy Triathlon Paul Hekimian 05/03/2023
Race Report - Stage Coach 400 - Ian Murray Paul Hekimian 04/04/2023
Masters Swim Program Paul Hekimian 02/07/2023
LATC Performance Membership Paul Hekimian 02/06/2023
LATC Youth Fundraising Paul Hekimian 02/02/2023
LATC Launches Teen Team Paul Hekimian 02/02/2023
Race Report - Mark Allen Church Paul Hekimian 10/31/2022
Member Spotlight - Luis Flores Paul Hekimian 11/30/2021
Member Spotlight - Victor Weber Paul Hekimian 11/30/2021
Member Spotlight - William Bowden Paul Hekimian 11/30/2021
Member Spotlight - Mark Church Paul Hekimian 11/30/2021
Member Spotlight - Shelly Williams Paul Hekimian 11/30/2021
Member Spotlight - Kara Cannon Paul Hekimian 11/30/2021
Sponsor Spotlight - AAA TLC - Dr. Stephanie Marcy, PhD ABPP, Clinical Psychologist Paul Hekimian 11/30/2021
Member Spotlight - Allison Joy Paul Hekimian 11/30/2021
Member Spotlight - Stephen Sweeney Paul Hekimian 11/30/2021
Member Spotlight - Jeff Freedman Paul Hekimian 11/30/2021
Member Spotlight - Viktor Toth Paul Hekimian 11/30/2021
Member Spotlight - Annabel Polanco Paul Hekimian 11/30/2021
Member Spotlight - Diana Ramirez Paul Hekimian 11/30/2021
Member Spotlight - Greg Bicksler Paul Hekimian 11/30/2021
Member Spotlight - Kyle Holland Paul Hekimian 11/30/2021
Member Spotlight - Sydney Miyatake Paul Hekimian 11/30/2021
Member Spotlight - Julio Garcia II Paul Hekimian 11/30/2021
Member Spotlight - Will Westwater Paul Hekimian 11/30/2021
Member Spotlight - Alex Goodman Paul Hekimian 11/30/2021
Member Spotlight - Mario Ocampo Paul Hekimian 08/18/2021
FREE Open Water Swim Workouts Paul Hekimian 05/19/2021
LATC Season Kick-Off Meeting with Heather Jackson Paul Hekimian 03/15/2021
The DNA of INJURIES Paul Hekimian 10/19/2020
First Thursday with Special Guest Joe Friel Paul Hekimian 05/25/2020
Paralympian, Three-Time ITU Triathlon World Champion, Ironman 70.3 World Champion, first woman to finish an Ironman on a prosthetic leg Paul Hekimian 05/19/2020
FREE LATC / TriFit Daily Online Workouts Paul Hekimian 04/28/2020
The Game Changers - Dotsie Bausch Paul Hekimian 03/30/2020
Triathlon Hour - Guest: Chris Foster Paul Hekimian 03/30/2020
New Racing and Training kits Paul Hekimian 01/24/2019
Daniela Ryf Paul Hekimian 01/24/2019
Season Opener Paul Hekimian 01/24/2019
We Treat More Than Just Back Problems! Benjamin Kleinbrodt 07/30/2018
Mercury Rising : Beat the Heat Gareth Thomas 05/19/2018
Time to Tri Paul Hekimian 02/19/2018
YEP 2017 Photos Paul Hekimian 01/25/2018
Exclusive: Jesse Thomas Enters His First Ironman Paul Hekimian 02/26/2017
LA Tri Club Swim Workout w/ Coach Stu, Thursdays & Sunday's 02/08/2017
7 Ultra-cooling Summer Beauty Tips by Herbalife Nutrition Jennifer Guran 02/08/2017
Mucho Gusto Ride Series Paul Hekimian 02/01/2017
LATC NRG RUN EVENTS Hosted by Coach Jamie Silber Paul Hekimian 02/01/2017
YEP (Year End Party) Award Winners Paul Hekimian 01/22/2017
Mucho Gusto Kits Paul Hekimian 01/01/2017
Open Water Sighting: What You Need To Know Shoulder Injury Prevention 04/13/2016
BREATH RIGHT, SWIM BETTER Shoulder Injury Prevention 03/23/2016
Coast2Coast Swim Challenge - May 22nd Shoulder Injury Prevention 03/23/2016
NEW Member Dashboard NEW Member Dashboard 02/12/2016
Shoulder Injury Prevention Shoulder Injury Prevention 02/12/2016
2017 New Racing and Training Kits Paul Hekimian 01/14/2016
YEP Awards Recipients YEP Awards Recipients 01/12/2016
2015 Year End Party (YEP) Put on your dancin' shoes it's PARTY TIME! 01/09/2016
2015 Ironman Viewing Party/Picnic Who says Friday the 13th is unlucky?! 11/02/2015
Strawberry Stand Ride Deborah Carabet 10/20/2015
New Pit Crew Tee's Paul Hekimian 09/10/2015
Santa Barbara Triathlon 2015 Pictures Deborah Carabet 08/24/2015
MaccaX LA Trianing Camp Paul Hekimian 06/30/2015
5th Annual Coast 2 Coast Paul Hekimian 05/20/2015
New Ocean Swim Workout Paul Hekimian 03/24/2015
Nutrition Night Paul Hekimian 02/28/2015
Last week to get your Orders in. Paul Hekimian 02/16/2015
SwimLabs Stroke Analysis Paul Hekimian 02/05/2015
First Thursday Paul Hekimian 01/26/2015
YEP-Beach Edition Paul Hekimian 01/22/2015
Sirens and Titans Fitness on Sunday, January 11th 2015 Paul Hekimian 12/18/2014
Secrets to Significantly Growing Your Event or Business Through Clubs Paul Hekimian 11/18/2014
Tri Lab Brick and BBQ Paul Hekimian 11/14/2014
LATC Sneak Peak of 2014 NBC broadcast of the Ironman World Championship 10/26/2014
Sirens & Titans Fitness Camp Sirens & Titans Fitness 10/12/2014
THE IRONSTRENGTH WORKOUT Dr. Jordan Metzl 10/06/2014
The Club Race and BBQ - October 4, 2014 Paul Hekimian 09/23/2014
Another Fantastic First Thursday Social Paul Hekimian 08/08/2014
Congratulations Ironman 70.3 Vineman LATC Members Paul Hekimian 07/16/2014
Coast 2 Coast Swim Challenge Paul Hekimian 06/20/2014
Winning Insights for Endurance Athlete Nutrition Chris Lohman 06/09/2014
You may LOVE doing it. You may HATE doing it. John Carlisle 05/29/2014
Tri Talks - Year ONE in Triathlon Liz Hamm 03/14/2014
2014 Spring Training Camp Liz Hamm 02/24/2014
Fun Run SCAVENGER HUNT Liz Hamm 02/21/2014
Year End Party Liz Hamm 01/29/2014
New Club Kit "hive" Design Offered Liz Hamm 11/11/2013
CPR & First Aid Certification Class Offered Liz Hamm 10/23/2013
RACE Life Time Tri Oceanside & RSVP for Andy Potts Meeting Andy Potts 10/14/2013
Newbie, Noobie - The Experts Konrad Ribeiro, Jennifer Kramer 09/23/2013
Sponsor Spotlight: Zone 3 Multisport Glenn Mantel 09/14/2013
A Year's Journey: Getting Dumped, My Mom's Death 3 Days Later, Losing 35 Lbs Ana Beatriz Cholo 08/23/2013
Youth & Jr National Championships - LATC & TTS Team Reaches New Heights Ian Murray 08/07/2013
LA TRI Club Gives Scholarship Grant to Help 32 Needy Kids Learn to Swim with Non-Profit ‘One with the Water’ and CoachArt LA Tri Club 07/12/2013
PUR PAK making news with MACCA Liz Hamm 06/17/2013
Cardiac Screening offered June 15 Liz Hamm 06/10/2013
2013 Coast 2 Coast Swim Challenge – June 2nd Roberta Silverman 05/21/2013
1st Annual LATC Never Evers Triathlon Liz Hamm 03/07/2013
Hunter Kemper Meeting September 30th, 2012 Paul Hekimian 10/31/2012
Think you don't need a heartrate monitor? Coach Gareth explains why you should think again. Chris Lohman 08/20/2012
Youth and Junior Triathlon Team Having a Great Year Chris Lohman 07/17/2012
Swim to Save Lives at the Coast 2 Coast Swim Challenge Chris Lohman 05/11/2012

Swim Training

Title Posted By Date
Swim Workout by coach Jamie at InfiniteNRG Paul Hekimian 04/25/2015
Swim Paddles for Triathletes: Harmful or Helpful? Gerry Rodrigues 01/29/2011
2010 Wed Ocean Speed Circuit INFO Konrad Riberio 03/30/2010
Desert Tri Roster 2010 pdf Ray Barrios 03/04/2010
Triathlon Training Series, Volume One Ian Murray and Jamie Silber 09/30/2008
Five Mistakes That Lead to Injury Olympian Jeff Galloway 08/28/2008
LA Tri Club presents Conrad Stoltz & Melanie McQuaid LATC 05/13/2008
Konrad's 1-hour swim workouts (updated 5.3.08) Konrad Ribeiro 05/04/2008
Gearing up the mind and body for the coming triathlon season. Ian Murray, Head Coach of LA Tri Club 01/02/2008
The best sport on the planet, and the best club in the sport. Tim Bomba 11/14/2007
Flickr an LA Tri Club Member User Guide Brian Morel 11/10/2007
Lactic Acid - Friend or Foe? Robert Forster, PT 11/10/2007
Wetsuits Tom Long 04/21/2007
Sculling: The forgotten drill Brian Morel 04/21/2007
Bilateral Breathing Brian Morel 04/21/2007
Swimming Article by Brendan Terry Brian Morel 04/21/2007
Good Swimming is Relaxed Swimming Brian Morel 04/05/2007
Local Pools 09/20/2005
LA County Beach Advisory 09/20/2005

Run Training

Title Posted By Date
Run Workout by coach Jamie at InfiniteNRG Paul Hekimian 04/25/2015
THE PERFECT MILE from Runners World Ed Eyestone 02/19/2009
Run more efficiently: Add speed work Brian Morel 04/21/2007
Run strong: Building lower leg strength, durability and injury resistance Brian Morel 04/21/2007
Efficient running: Move more horizontally Brian Morel 04/21/2007
Running slow to run faster Brian Morel 04/21/2007
Treadmill threshold workouts Brian Morel 04/21/2007
Google Maps Pedometer 11/01/2005
Run Routes Eric Cheung 09/21/2005

Newbies - General

Title Posted By Date
FAQ for Sunday SGV Sprint Training Sharon McNary 07/22/2008
Guidelines for Beginner Swimmers + Workout Brian Morel 04/21/2007
What is a Newbie? Jason Berkowitz 03/26/2007
How to LOOK like a Triathlete Jason Berkowitz 03/26/2007

Newbies - Swim

Title Posted By Date
Lake Swim Locales William Robinson 06/09/2011
Origins of the Ocean 101 Tim Bomba 01/02/2008
Open Water Swimming Brian Morel 05/02/2007
Triathlon Swimming Made Easy Brian Morel 05/02/2007

Newbies - Bike

Title Posted By Date
Bicycle Maintenance Guide Brian Morel 05/23/2007
Tips on Riding w/ Clipless Pedals Brian Morel 05/16/2007

Newbies - Run

Title Posted By Date
Training for Distance Running Brian Morel 06/01/2007
Getting Started with Running Brian Morel 06/01/2007
The Couch-to-5k Running Plan Brian Morel 06/01/2007
Beinners Guide to Running Brian Morel 06/01/2007
Will Smith on Running & Reading (Key to Life) Brian Morel 05/28/2007

Health & Nutrition

Title Posted By Date
(Eat Healthy & Thrive) Amaranth Breakfast Porridge Markus Boesch 03/27/2015
Questions About Probiotics? Markus Boesch 03/27/2015
Stay Healthy This Holiday Season Markus Boesch 12/24/2014
Lower Your Cholesterol Markus Boesch 11/20/2014
Benefits of Green Smoothies Markus Boesch 11/13/2014
The Truth About Protein Powders Markus Boesch 11/12/2014
Five Reasons to Consider a PLANT STRONG (Vegan/Vegetarian) Diet Markus Boesch 11/28/2013
Plant Strong! How to Start a Plant-Based Diet Markus Boesch 09/17/2013
The Wonders of Turmeric: Ditch the Advil. Markus Boesch 09/06/2013
Super-Food Spotlight: MACA Markus Boesch 08/15/2013
Quiz: Are You Ready to Commit to a Healthy Diet? Markus Boesch 07/16/2013
The Many Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar Markus Boesch 07/16/2013
PROTEIN: Top Plants that are High in Protein Markus Boesch 07/08/2013
Juicing vs. Blending..? The 411. Markus Boesch 07/05/2013
Super Foods That Boost Your Brain Power Markus Boesch 07/04/2013
Want to Be Really Healthy? Go Nutritarian! Markus Boesch 07/02/2013
Ease Arthritis Pain with Good Nutrition Markus Boesch 07/02/2013
Reasons to Eat More KALE Markus Boesch 07/01/2013
Intro to Pranayama Markus Boesch 07/01/2013
What causes that occasional muscle soreness after a workout? Markus Boesch 07/01/2013
Super-Food Spotlight: Chia Seeds Markus Boesch 07/01/2013
Oxalates and Green Smoothies: Markus Boesch 07/01/2013
Make Good Health a Priority Markus Boesch 07/01/2013
Train Movement - Not Muscles Markus Boesch 07/01/2013
Good Morning Sunshine Smoothie Markus Boesch 07/01/2013
Plant Powered 4th of July Feast Markus Boesch 07/01/2013
End Food Cravings Now! Markus Boesch 07/01/2013
Superfood Spotlight: Hemp Seeds Markus Boesch 07/01/2013
Manage Workouts With An Improved Thought Process Markus Boesch 07/01/2013
Make Lasting Changes. Markus Boesch 07/01/2013
Iron Deficiency Anemia and Performance Bob Seebohar, MS, RD, CSSD, CSCS 05/04/2009
IM Nutrition Leo Carneiro 10/10/2008


Title Posted By Date
Pushing the Limits :: Screenings 7/31 & 8/4 Liz Oakes 07/31/2009
Training Computer Comparison Steve Mark 01/08/2009
Tri car member survey Max Miller 09/27/2008
Wetsuit Repair David Ma 06/19/2008
Boise 70.3 Race Report Max Miller 06/09/2008
Palos Verdes Loop Directions Tom Long 03/27/2007
2006 YEP Program Liz Oakes, Brian Morel, S.Stern 03/27/2007
2004 Kona Viewing Pty Program Liz Oakes Members 03/27/2007
Trainer or Rollers? - LATC Member Feedback David Ma 03/27/2007
Podiatrists - LATC Member Feedback alan lehman 03/27/2007
Bike Route: Amalfi Loops Konrad Ribeiro 03/27/2007
Bike Route: Marina Loop Konrad Ribeiro 03/27/2007
Wildflower Long Course - Text Description Babak Azad 03/27/2007
Wildflower Long Course - Bike Image Babak Azad 03/27/2007
Wildflower Long Course - Run Image Babak Azad 03/27/2007
Wildflower Camp Map 2005 LA Tri Club 03/27/2007
Traveling Triathlete Checklist LA Tri Club 03/27/2007
Tour de France Liggett/Sherwen Bingo Konrad Ribeiro 03/27/2007
Bike Route: Griffith Park Brick - 22 Miler LA Tri Club / Mike Janson 03/27/2007
Polar 625 Cheat Sheet Andrew Hannan 03/27/2007
2005 YEP Program Liz Oakes, Brian Morel, Stacey Ster 03/27/2007
Biking from Santa Monica to San Diego (Sea World) Babak Azad 03/27/2007
Angeles Crest Ride FAQ Mark Lytle 03/27/2007
2004 YEP Program/Yearbook Liz Oakes, Brian Morel 03/26/2007
Transition Talk 09.29.04 Luau Meeting Committee 03/26/2007
1/2 Ironman Race Advice Julie Miller 03/26/2007
Member Awards History (as of '06) LA Tri Club Members 03/26/2007
ROAD ID Member Survey Rosalind Jarrett 03/26/2007
Heart Rate Monitors/Cycle Computer Email Response Derek Dunn 03/26/2007
Santa Monica to Santa Barbara Bicycle Route LA Tri Club / Willam Hurst 03/26/2007
LACTATE BUILD-UP OR NOT?? Gareth Thomas 03/26/2007
Race Wheels - LATC Member Feedback Keith Ho 03/26/2007
Side Stitches - LATC Member Feedback Mike Gwaltney 03/26/2007
Men, running and nipples Alan Lehman 03/26/2007
Sciatica help Detra Jones 03/26/2007
Altitude and the Triathlete Ian Murray 03/26/2007
The Power of Preseason Ian Murray 03/26/2007
Running Wild Ian Murray 03/26/2007
Monitor Madness Ian Murray 03/26/2007
Keepin' It Fresh Ian Murray 03/26/2007
Attention Race Fans Ian Murray 03/26/2007
Transition Time Ian Murray 03/26/2007
Seasonal Stuffing and Travel Treachery Ian Murray 03/26/2007
Got Wheels? Lloyd Taylor 03/26/2007
Transitions Pat Abe 03/26/2007
Our Journey Pat Abe 03/26/2007
Life With Water Ian Murray 03/26/2007
The Question of Time Ian Murray 03/26/2007
Free Speed Ian Murray 03/26/2007
Finding Quality Ian Murray 03/26/2007
Didactic Dopplegangers Ian Murray 03/26/2007
Let's Talk Pedals Lloyd Taylor 03/26/2007
Tire and Tube Preparation Lloyd Taylor 03/26/2007
Women Specific Saddles Saveria Tilden 06/20/2005
How to Ride in a Pack When Cycling 03/23/2005
Memorable Finishers - Ironman Inspiration 10/21/2004
Paul Hekimian Interview on Endurance Radio Endurance Radio 09/01/2004
May I Mention Intention Ian Murray 10/03/2001