Read Viktor Toth's tri journey...

How did you hear about LA Tri Club?
I heard about LATRI in my running club. 
What got you interested in triathlon? 

I like triathlon because it's diversity.

What was your first Triathlon?
My first triathlon was 2010 Redondo Beach sprint. I'm currently training for Escape from Alcatraz.

What is your favorite race and why?
I have done it last year and it's my favorite, because it's just so unique and have the most diverse routs. My second favorite is the Auburn Half Ironman because the scenic views.

If you could pick three MUST HAVES / MUST DO'S on race day morning, what are they?
I love to have oats with banana and protein powder.
What do you do outside of your training?

I'm finishing my PhD dissertation.

What has been the most difficult thing for you personally about training for triathlons? 

The most challenging for me is practice swimming in the ocean.

Do you know anyone else that is currently a member of LATC?

I don't anybody yet.