We are excited to be part of Time for Tri!  Tell all your Friends!!!

We are excited that you have agreed to be part of Time for Tri, an unprecedented initiative to grow the sport of triathlon by proactively supporting and inspiring beginners to complete their first race. The initiative is a strategic joint effort between USA Triathlon and IRONMAN with an overarching goal to introduce 100,000 new participants to the sport by 2020. Time to Tri provides training and racing advice, motivational tools and other resources at its online hub, mytimetotri.com. The target audience for this initiative is athlete, non-triathletes. The ideal demo is: • Ages 24-40 • Active people who already engage in fit, healthy lifestyles and are ready for their next challenge, including those who participate in running, cycling, swimming, obstacle course racing and other endurance sports At the same time, we want to emphasize that completing a triathlon is an achievable goal for everyone, regardless of age, experience level or perceived physical limitation.