Read Kyle Holland's tri journey...

How did you hear about LA Tri Club?

I just moved to the West Hollywood area from Oregon and was looking for a way to continue training for my next Ironman event in Arizona this fall. While participating in the LA Marathon, I noticed the tent you guys had up and immediately looked you up after the event :) 
What got you interested in triathlon?

I had always been a marathon runner, but in March of 2020, I suddenly found myself with a whole bunch of extra time on my hands... I started to do some research on other types of events and was immediately drawn to Ironmans. I started training right away and knew that I was going to be weakest on the swim having never swam a lap in my life - lol. After hiring a swim coach for about a month, I was on track to get the training needed to compete. 
What was your first Triathlon?
I started with a half Ironman and after two deferrals due to COVID, I finally made it to my first one in Haines City, Florida. I was not ready for the jam packed swim and was kicked and punched more times than I could count, but once I got back on land, I felt strong. My goal was six hours flat, and ended up at 6:06. I did not work on my transitions at all during training and it killed me! Spent a total of almost 20 minutes in transitions. 

What is your favorite race and why?
My favorite race was a full in Cozumel and it was amazing! The swim was with current and about a billion fish. Bike and run were flat as can be and the locals came out with a full force of love and support. Ended in 12 hours flat which is right where I wanted to be. 

If you could pick three MUST HAVES / MUST DO'S on race day morning, what are they?
My biggest thing is organization. I want all my stuff ready to go since I know that I won't be getting any sleep and will wake up groggy, I don't want to think when I wake up. But my must-haves are definitely, coffee (because nothing happens without coffee), Pedialyte, and bananas. I do eat breakfast as well but as long as I have those three, I'm not too picky about the pre-race meal. 

Have you been to any LATC events so far?
I have not yet but plan on making it to at least 2-3 a month.  
Do you have any plans for more races in the near future?
My next race is the Orange Country Marathon and then a full Ironman in Arizona this November. 
What do you do outside of your training?
My favorite thing to do is watch my 16 y/o daughter play competitive softball around the country. 

What has been the most difficult thing for you personally about training for triathlons?
Like most, it's the time. I've opted for a Peloton bike so I can at least be home for a lot of the bike training, but those long training days away from home can be taxing on the family.