Read Greg Bicksler's tri journey...

How did you hear about LA Tri Club?

I did my first Tri last year at Malibu and was looking for a group to do some ocean swims to get prepared for the transition from the pool. I found Mo's weekly swim at Zuma and joined a few ahead of the race. I loved it. Ocean swimming >> pool swimming.

What got you interested in triathlon?

I turned 33 and thought it would be a cool way to celebrate getting older!

What was your first Triathlon?

First was Malibu 2022, next is HerbalLife.

What is your favorite race and why?

The only one I have done, haha.

If you could pick three MUST HAVES / MUST DO'S on race day morning, what are they?

-Get there early

-Rx bar

-Lots of coffee

Have you been to any LATC events so far?

Ocean swims in Zuma, a few zooms

Do you have any plans for more races in the near future?

Yep. This year I want to do LA, Malibu and the Pier to Pier swim.

What do you do outside of your training?

I work at a sustainably focused ecommerce startup. I have two dogs (Taco and Buoy) who occupy most of my free time - we go to the beach, hiking, park, run, swim, etc.

What has been the most difficult thing for you personally about training for triathlons?

The time commitment can be tough. But staying healthy while running has always been a challenge for me. A calf pull almost kept me out of Malibu after all the training. Hydration is key!

Do you know anyone else that is currently a member of LATC?

 Not really! Excited to meet more folks.