Mark proves that attitude is everything, consistency paves the way, and failure is just one more step towards achievement! 

How did you hear about LA Tri Club?

10 years ago I found LA Tri Club online while searching for information on triathlons, and have been a member ever since. I had some health issues and needed to get in shape so I started running little by little, until after about a year, I decided to take on the first Stadium to the Sea Marathon. I finished, but it was a long, hard-fought effort. A few weeks later my wife Tricia did the bike portion of the LA Triathlon for her law firm and I was intrigued. I love swimming and I knew how to ride a bike…the seed was planted and off I went. To date, I have completed well over 60 triathlons.

My first triathlon was a sprint, the late Playa Del Rey event that featured a bike ride around LAX.  It was hard, but fun and led me to many, many more. My Favorite race is Malibu because it is epic and SO well attended and such a big part of LA Tri. But I also LOVE that Herbalife LA Tri bike ride…nothing like cruising through the streets of LA with NO cars…always awesome.

Through the years I have attended LA Tri's Prom (AKA YEP) a few times, one member night, several Friday swims, some rides and I love getting shout outs from other LA Tri Club members when racing in my LA Tri kit!!

I love hiking in the local mountains, have done the 3 Saints a couple of times in under 2 days. I love to travel, cook, eat and I am a singer and have sung the National Anthem at Nautica Malibu once and about 14 years ago at the Staples Center for a Kings game!

The most difficult thing for me while training for triathlons is the running… in fact, I am known to say, "I jog…I do NOT run."

I know the old-timers and leaders…Larry T, Mo Geller, Paul H, Detra, Erick D, the Mayor, Nancy M, Danielle M, Nancy J and my crew, Mark & Diana Skidmore, Tricia Church, Steve Garret and recently met Jacobus.  Too many to mention!!!

My Race Day Must Haves:

Bathroom… yeah, I don’t do port-o-potties unless an emergency, so this is a big part of my race morning. I hate standing around; so I try to time the arrival safely, but not too early. I like a fair amount of food, some Starbucks, if available, and some Gatorade. I’m pretty loose race mornings.

Future Race Plans:

Ironman Arizona is this Sunday!!!!!  My second attempt to complete one, Ironman Kentucky 2018 I was pulled off the run course at mile 20 on a rainy day that saw me take too long on the bike.  I was ready to finish for sure, but would have been longer than allowed. So disappointing.