Read Annabel Polanco's tri journey...

How did you hear about LA Tri Club?

I had seen the LA Tri Club training in the ocean, and at the race I did.

What got you interested in triathlon?
I actually started as just a runner (not a particularly fast one), I've done 16 half marathons and 3 marathons. I was originally going to do the running portion for a relay triathlon team at my company when Ian Murray came to speak to those thinking about signing up. He told some inspirational stories about where people had started before their first triathlon. It made me pivot to doing all 3 events myself. 

What was your first Triathlon?

My first, and only so far, triathlon was the 2018 Malibu Triathlon. I basically learned to swim in order to do it. I had taken lessons as a child, but hadn't swam in probably 25 years. I took some adult swim lessons, and did the ocean clinics available. It was actually a very stressful for me because I kept thinking if I don't learn, I either can't do it or will drown (I know, dramatic).

What is your favorite race and why?
I actually love Disney races, I think the crowds and the entertainment they get along the routes to cheer you on has some unmatched energy that helps keep you going. 

If you could pick three MUST HAVES / MUST DO'S on race day morning, what are they?
1. Setting up my flat-me
2. Definitely an epic playlist
3.Getting there extremely early, I was burned once by a bad parking situation.  
Have you been to any LATC events so far? 
I haven't yet, but am especially looking forward to the Ocean 101 series. 
Do you have any plans for more races in the near future?
I would love to do the Herbalife olympic triathlon this year, and maybe join my brother at the Eagleman 70.3. But, we'll see how ambitious I am getting. 
What do you do outside of your training?

I work at Netflix and have a 2.5 yr old daughter, those both keep me pretty busy, but,  I also love camping and exploring with my family. Stars and sunsets are my jam.

What has been the most difficult thing for you personally about training for triathlons?
Keeping the mental strength and motivation to keep going.

Do you know anyone else that is currently a member of LATC?

Not that I know of!