Kara Cannon shines a light on her journey as a trans triathlete.  Mom, new surfer and, apparently, very focused!

How did you hear about LA Tri Club?

When I bought my road bike at Triathlon Lab, they suggested I check out the LA Tri Club. I worked with some guys who were all Ironmen, and they convinced me to give it a try.
My first race was Hansen Dam, way back in 2011. I raced in swim trunks on a commuter bike, a buddy and I trained for it together. I didn’t really get into the sport until 2019 as a way to get back into shape. I’ve had a lot of great races, but the most meaningful race for me was Legacy in Long Beach this year. It was the first race I got to race in the correct gender category, and in my heat were an amazing group of gals I had trained with that were super supportive.
I have been going to Friday swims and Wednesday track nights, and I’ve been to one first Thursday.

Outside of training, I picked up surfing over the past year, and I also love video games, D&D and writing. I have two kids and loving hanging out with them.

What has been the most difficult thing for you personally about training for triathlons?
I’m trans, and there’s a lot of really normal things that are challenging. I have to get regular blood tests to prove my eligibility, locker rooms are terrifying, and packet pickup is complicated because I have a different name on my driver’s license. Even though I tend to be a private person, I created a public, tri-focused Instagram (@kara.tri) so that other LGBTQ+ people can see how inclusive and supportive the tri community is.
My Race Day Must Haves:
Before a race I always line up all of my gear for each sport side-by-side so I know I didn’t forget anything.
Future Race Plans:
I have six races on the calendar for next year. I’m trying SwimRun for the first time, and I’m planning to finish my season with my first 70.3.

Do you know anyone else that is currently a member of LATC? If yes, who?!
I went through Deb’s elevate program, and swam all summer with Snow Lam. Ellen Towles showed me some great workout spots and took me on my first IM-distance swim. Coach Stu’s summer swims were my lifeline during the 2020 quarantine.