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We are able to place our hands anywhere in our field of vision because of the shoulder's incredible mobility. 

New Member Nights: 

Event Date: Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Time: 6:30 PM

Location: TriFit LA 2425 Colorado Ave (closer to Cloverfield) Santa Monica, CA 90404 First floor, parking

There are quite a few New Members that have joined recently. LATC's New Member Night is for definitely for you as well as friends or colleagues of members interested in Triathlon or endurance sports and members who just want a bit of a refreshment. If you or a friend fit into one these, then come on out to LATC's New Member Night with Head Coach Ian Murray!

Coach Ian will go over the history of our sport, the Club, how to get the best out of your membership, the website, coaching and more. You will be able to ask Ian any questions you may have.

Come early or stay late and have an expresso and check out all the great things Bike Improve has to offer and the new bikes he has waiting for you to check out. Say Hi to Nir and have an expresso or two. Don't forget LA Tri Clubbers get a great discount at Bike Improve!


New Kit deadline now through April 3rd. Kit's will arrive in 3-4 weeks depending on whether or not you personalize your kit.


Check out who won LATC member awards, Performance Awards, Race Rewards, Triple Crown, And Podium Program

Hey Clubbers,

Put on your smiles and your dancing shoes and come out for our annual LA Tri Club Year End Party aka YEP!

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