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Pactimo and LA Tri Club team up and introduce new "hive" designs for 2014. 

The 2013 current club-kit design will continue to be offered in our online store with Pactimo throughout 2014. We are now additionally offering the new "hive" design in all items and in two color combinations -- the "club" colors and a pink (replacing red) version. 

Pactimo offers LA Tri Club members anytime/on-demand ordering of the size and style garment they wish, with an 8-week turnaround. The garments are made after the order is placed, so please allow 8-weeks for delivery. 

HOLIDAY ORDERS should be placed by November 19 to ensure delivery. CLICK HERE to shop the Pactimo store. If you have trouble placing an order, please contact our rep: Julie Grove

To shop for other LA Tri Club accessories including TIMEX IRONMAN watches, doggie tee shirts, hats & visors -- and more - Visit the LA Tri Club online store HERE

Athletes - Get CPR & First Aid Certified!! Open for Members + Guests. Please RSVP in our rsvp/polls

DAY: Sunday, Nov. 17

TIME: 10am. Class is 4-hours with breaks, so allow for 10am-2:30pm at least.

COST: $55 per person.

LOCATION: DISC Sport & Spine Center in Marina del Rey at 13160 Mindanao Way #325 Marina del Rey, California 90292.

LUNCH: Bring snacks/lunch for yourself. Breaks will not be long enough to leave building.

--Adult, Child, and Infant CPR. 
--Choking Procedures (Heimlich Maneuver) 
--Prudent Heart Living 
--Recognizing and treating Heart Attacks, Strokes, and Seizures. 
--Pediatric Basic Life Support (PBLS) 
--Standard First-Aid. 
--Risk Factors for Heart Disease, Heart Attack, and Stroke. 
--Emergency Response Training 
--Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers (BLS-C) 

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Hey LATC! Who’s heading south next month for Life Time Tri Oceanside?
Racing in Oceanside has always been a special way for me to kick off  my season and now with the LT Tri Series event in October, it could be a great place to end your year too!  

This race is a brand new race in the Life Time Tri Series, the team who produces the CapTex, Minneapolis, Chicago and now the NYC Tri. Life Time focuses on Sprint/International courses, and knows how to put on a quality race- I know as I raced in every race in the series in 2011.
Oceanside is perfect for anyone looking to wrap-up their season with a bang. It’s also perfect timing for anyone preparing for IMAZ or even Oceanside 70.3 (nearly identical course).
If you don’t care to race, come and check out some of the best pro's compete for the Elite Series Championship. The elite championship race features 60 pros competing for $250,000 in prize money, including last year's series winners Cam Dye and Sarah Haskins as well as some perennial favorites such as Ben Collins, Alicia Kaye and Hunter Kemper. There’s also a $50K bonus awarded to their new Toyota Triple Crown equalizer competition. That’s huge! **REGISTER HERE:** 

Last thing, if you do not make it down to Oceanside, come see me on Monday(Oct 21st) at 6:30pm at the Santa Monica Library.  LATC has always been such a great host and I hope to spend some time answering questions, sharing war stories and getting to know each of you better. -- Open to Everyone! Members, please RSVP in our rsvp/polls. 6:30 PM >> Santa Monica Public Library, 601 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401, MLK Multi-Media Room.

Hi. We're Kramer and Konrad. We're the LA Tri Club "Newbie Advisors." Not only that, we're the only Newbie Advisors the club has ever had. In fact, we're the first Newbie Advisors the club has ever had. Because we invented the position so that we could be on the board. Um. Trying again: "Because we love newbies!" 


Kramer has been in the club since 2006 and Konrad, since 2001. We were newbs once, too, and we remember how exhilarating but sometimes intimidating LA Tri Club can be. So we figured we would help newbies and newbies-at-heart get the most out of this great club. 


So we figured we'd make a list.


People love lists. And people love triathlon. And we love newbies. So we figured what better premise for an article than a list specifically for newbie triathletes. 


But first...


What is a newbie? We get asked that a lot. Does it mean...


* Someone who is new to endurance athletics? Yes

* Someone who has done athletics but is new to triathlon? Yes

* Someone who is an accomplished athlete but new to LATC? Yes

* Someone who isn't quite sure how they got to this website or what a triathlon is and is completely confused but also strangely intrigued? Most definitely.


So unless you are a veteran triathlete who has been in the Club for years, this article is for you. And if you are, you'll probably still learn something. We're just that good.

Zone 3 Multisport, conveniently located at Centinela and Santa Monica Blvd. in Santa Monica, is your friendly, local multisport shop. We’re staffed by highly-experienced and competitive cyclists, runners, and triathletes and our owners have raced alongside LA Tri Club’s founders since day one. The atmosphere here is welcoming and inclusive. You may come to shop, but end up chatting away over training or racing – that’s how we roll!


We cater to everyone from beginners to pro triathletes, offering a wide range of products and services including top-quality bicycles from Orbea, Look and Kestrel; wetsuits by Orca, Blue Seventy and Aquaman and a great selection of apparel, accessories, training gear and nutritionals for all of your multisport needs. And we’re proud of the fact that many of the items we carry won’t be found in other stores around town.

My boyfriend James and I were hiking up to the summit of Mount Baldy, elevation 10,064 feet a couple of weeks ago. The rocky knoll ahead of us seemed insurmountable. It might as well have been Mount Everest, which is why I averted my gaze from what lay ahead and instead, kept staring at my dusty hiking boots imagining myself as a machine.

I'm not schizophrenic but a nagging voice inside my head was telling me I would not be able to climb this mountain.

"Don't kid yourself," the voice mocked me.

I had to come clean to James about my doubts. When I asked him if he could imagine doing a trail run here he showed off by pretending to run up the mountain. Meanwhile, my face was hot and my heart was beating fast.

"I have something to tell you," I said gravely. He appeared to brace himself but he kept going.

"I'm a poser. You, my friends, everyone. You all have this false impression of me as being this fit triathlete but I feel like I'm out of shape. I'm already tired and we still have hours of hiking up this thing."

I saw him breathe a sigh of relief and then he went on to tell me how in my age group, I'm probably in the top 1 or 2 percent in terms of fitness. I listened, was secretly flattered, but I was not convinced. A little over a year ago, I was a chubby couch-dweller.

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