Member-led Workouts

LATC is hyper-focused members’ needs, and that drives our member-led workouts. If you don't have a workout near you, go ahead and start one… and watch it grow. Your gatherings may just inspire some neighbors to join in!


Member-led workouts include:

  • PCH 101 - Mo Geller & Mike Andrulis
  • Wednesday Night Track Workouts - David Levine




Special Event Workouts

LATC prides itself on a wide array of club-branded workouts where we provide SAG support, partner with our coaches, and offer new and exciting ways for members to add creativity to their training throughout the year.


Special Event Workouts include:

  • Mucho Gusto Killer Rides
  • Transition Zone
  • LATC's Newbie/Newer Swimmer Workout
  • Ocean 101



Lecture + Clinic Series

LATC is fortunate to have some of the top coaches and sponsors in California who also collaborate with us to offer unique, vital clinics in all disciplines of triathlon. Clinics are exclusive to our members.


Some of the clinics we offer are:

  • Ocean Swimming 
  • Run Technique/Video Analysis
  • Transitions
  • Bike Skills 101



LATC Club RIDEs and Barbecues

Our yearly club ride and BBQ is on!

The Club Ride and BBQ is a MEMBERS ONLY.  We have multipule routes to choose from and the food is great.   Look on the calendar for upcoming events. 

Next Event:  TBD