Benefits of LA Tri Club Membership

Are you a triathlete, or interested in becoming one? Whether you are an experienced triathlete, or are new
to the triathlon scene, the LA Tri Club offers many benefits to members of ALL AGES and ABILITIES.

Connect and Perform

Be part of a team

Members who race in the LA Tri Club kit are never alone on race day. You'll hear spectators shout "GO LA" as you hustle by... just the boost of moral support you need to keep you going!


Arguably the most valuable aspect of the Club is the many group training opportunities. Our training calendar is full of meetups geared to connect, encourage and improve performance.

Race Rewards

Opportunities to win sponsor goods and services at the end of the season by participating in select races wearing
LA Tri Club gear.

Community Networking

What better way to learn about the sport than tapping into the collective knowledge of our members, through our members-only emails, Facebook page, workouts, and social events?

Clinic Series

Powerful education to prepare you for all your races, from newbie to pro. Learn how to achieve success and truly enjoy leading a balanced triathlete lifestyle.

Podium Program

Opportunities to win sponsor money for landing on the podium wearing LA Tri Club gear.


Sponsor Discounts

LATC's relationships with various sponsors, sport-related stores, and service providers in the LA region and nationwide yield impressive discounts. Your membership more than pays for itself with these great deals.

Free "schwag"

SWAG (Stuff We All Get)-goodies provided by sponsors and LATC, including: race belts, hats, tee shirts, bars, gels, and more are given out throughout the year at club meetings, races, and social events.

Race Discounts

Savings on events include triathlons, running races, cycling races, and adventure races - delivered right to your inbox.


A membership with the LA Tri Club will
make your triathlon experience all the more fun!



Convinced Yet?

Hear what our members have to say below, stop by one of our First Thursdays meetings to
learn more, or contact Deb Carabet with your membership-related questions!



LATC members are what make our club so special.
Meet the team at our First Thursdays Socials.