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Kimberlie Dykeman

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Since her first business straight out of college, Kimberlie Dykeman has been on a mission to help folks breathe newfound perspective, unwavering optimism and dynamic purpose into their lives. Over an unconventional career path, Kimberlie has evolved from a Fitness Specialist and TV Host into a seasoned Integrative Performance Coach, Business Advisor, Executive/Personal Assistant, and Communications Expert... a true WINGMAN. For 25 years. Kimberlie has excelled at removing stress and chaos for executives, HNW individuals, competitive athletes, celebrities, and startups. As a veteran entrepreneur, she has the business chops to troubleshoot, connect, and communicate through any challenge; and an unparalleled gift and passion for pulling the best out of people.

KD launched her Survival of the Fittest™ integrative coaching methodology to offer custom solutions for the greatest stress-based challenges facing people when business, lifestyle, tech, wellness, and sociology collide. Over the past few years, she further propelled her unconventional coaching practice by carving out a focus on Baby Boomers, men, competitive athletes, and common thread groups. 

Having such influence and impact in her clients’ lives,  KD has developed a uniquely special way of offering the objective feedback, empathetic listening, unshakable accountability & reinforcement, strategic guidance, and unconditional encouragement that folks deserve, need and can’t find anywhere else.  Kimberlie has earned her nickname of WINGMAN because she indeed changes people's lives by remaining steadfast to one mission: educate, motivate and activate each client to work smarter, think clearer, feel healthier, live happier and leave a greater legacy. www.kimberliedykeman.com


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