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The Coast 2 Coast Swim Challenge (C2C) is the most important swim you'll do all year!  That's because every lap you swim will help raise funds for disadvantaged LA kids to learn how to be safe in the water and discover the fun of swimming.

 LA Tri Club established the C2C three years ago to do something about the epidemic of child drownings in our community: more kids under 14 in California die from drowning than any other cause and LA County has the highest rate of near-drowning accidents in the State.  

 The C2C concept is simple: meet up with a couple hundred of your buddies; swim as many or as few laps as you like; get a free massage and goodies from sponsors afterwards.  I'm returning for my third year at the C2C and doubt there will be a slower swimmer in the pool. At the C2C this just doesn't matter because everyone who participates is part of a winning campaign that in its first two years has raised over $40,000 and taught 1,450 LA kids how to swim.  I would not miss this event because I know what it does, it HELPS young kids feel safe in the water, something most of us can not imagine. Read more about how you can swim to save lives! See you in the water on the 2nd of June. 

LA Tri Club announces the NEVER EVERS Triathlon. This triathlon is for LA Tri Club members only and only for those who have never done a triathlon before. The LATC Never-Ever Triathlon will be held on May 19th on a course hand picked for the first timer and each participant will be paired with a veteran LA Tri Club member to serve as a mentor for our Never Ever participants. 

The location is Hansen Dam Aquatic Center (in Los Angeles, NE corner of San Fernando Valley, where 118 meets the 210). The race distance is 300m-1 loop swim, 10k-3 loop bike and 2.5k-3 loop run (in imperial that's 328yd swim, 6mi bike, 1.5mi run). The swim takes place in the 4th largest swimming pool in North American. The City calls it a "swimming lake" and for good reason, this is chlorinated "lake" is a pool 150 yards long, 40 yards wide, with tapered sides and only 5 feet at the deepest point. It will provide the calmest, clearest, safest swim imaginable! The bike takes place inside the Hansen Dam Park on a closed road and, other than one small bump to manage each lap, it's a very flat course. The run is pretty flat too and mixes in trail, grass and a bit of side walk/parking lot. The multi lap format allows friends and family members to see each participant every few minute for a chance to cheer. The day ends with a picnic in the park served by a gourmet food truck.


To register for the LA Tri Club Never-Ever Event, visit our RSVP page and grab your $55 entry. This event is limited to the first 40 that sign up so don't delay.


If you missed the Hunter Kemper meeting last month you can read the Transcript of the meeting here. This is a fascinating way to see how dynamic Hunter Kemper is and why he's a 4X Olympian.

Interviewed by LA Tri Club's Head Coach Ian Murray.  

Hunter Kemper Transcript of LA Tri Club Meeting 

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The LA Tri Club/TTS Junior Team has been progressing nicely in both in terms of growth and on the mission to balance fun and performance. The team consists of two different squads: the Discovery Team serves ages 9-12 and the Elite team serves Youths 13-15 and Juniors 16-19. The Discovery Team consists of Zane Granoble, Frankie Reid both of whom have enjoyed great results this year: Zane won at Rodondo at the and Frankie took both overall wins at the LA-F1 Discovery Race this year.

Make a difference in a child’s life and enjoy a great day at the pool at the second annual Coast 2 Coast Swim Challenge (C2C) on May 20 at the Culver City Plunge. The C2C is the LA Tri Club’s signature charity event that unites athletes from across Southern California to collectively swim the distance between LA and NYC in a single day, in a single pool while raising money to fund free swim lessons for under-served kids in our community.

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