The goal of this swim is to obtain a level body position that puts heels, hips and shoulder blades at the surface of the water – and to sustain that level body using balance, not an overly active kick or a super-fast swim pace.

10x(3x25 yards w/ complete rest after each length)

1st 25:

  • Swim with focus on head position.
  • Swim with your head so deep in the water that the water line bisects the crown of your head. Look straight down at the tile line on the bottom of the pool.


2nd 25:

  • Swim with focus on the trajectory of your entry and the depth of your fingers when they arrive at full extension.
  • Enter rather with hand, wrist & forearm slicing flat and clean into the water on a rather steep yet forward trajectory and reach to your fullest extension (elbow locked out, shoulder stretching forward) so that your fingers are way out in front of you and perhaps 3-4 inches below the surface of the water.


3rd 25:

  • Press down slightly on your collar bones.
  • The lungs are full of gas and they want to float. By pressing the top of the lungs into the water the bottom of the lungs lift towards the surface and lift your hips/legs with them.


5x(3x50s with complete rest after each lap)

1st 50:

  • 25 with head extra deep in the water so that a thin film of water slips over the back of your cap x 25 relaxed swim.


2nd 50

  • 25 with entry extra deep so you are spearing down to 4 o’clock (if surface of the water is 3 o’clock & bottom of pool is 6) x 25 relaxed swim.


3rd 50

  • 25 with extra pressure on collar bones so you are leaning down into the water x 25 relaxed swim.