Running hill repeats is an advanced activity and should not be performed unless several weeks of easy to moderate base miles have been logged without injury. Hill repeats can build leg power, support good running technique, and expand aerobic fitness.

Warm up on flat for 10-12 minutes. Let an easy jog become a moderate run and get the whole body ready to work.

Find a hill with a steady grade. It needn't be overly steep, just a solid incline. Start at the bottom and run 2 minutes up that hill note the spot on the road where you ended up after two minutes. You can control the workout by the number of repetitions; 4 or 6 or more, or you can expand the workout by prolonging the duration of the hill run; 2 minutes, 3, 4 minutes. But always leave a long recovery in a workout like this, Put at least the whole effort time in recovery if not more.

Start easy with 3x2' up with 4' walk or jog back down. Build to something like 5x3' up with 4' walk or jog back down, or 4x4' up with 4' recovery interval.

Cool down - run easy or jog for 10 minutes after the repeats. Let the run with legs feeling light and snappy in the end.