Thank you club for the outpouring of Podiatrist recommendations. It appears that the favorite doc on the Westside (and the only doc recommended by more than one person is Dr. Dan who was suggested by about a bazillion people (actually it was more like 5 ). Here is the list.

Dr. Daniel Altchuler- 310-451-8045 “He said he comes across as a hippy type, but is a great doctor.”

Here is his info: 1245 16th Street, Suite 202, SM 90404 310-319-4824 Dr. Robert K Lee, D,P.M “He's super cool, that podiatrist of ours!”

Dr. Mark Weiss in Century City, Dr's Babak BAravarian in Santa Monica, Dr Briskin in Santa Monica and Manhattan Bch.

I recommend my husband Dr Jaivin who specializes in foot and ankle (orthopedics). 818-901-6600. His office is in Van Nuys.

Santa Monica Podiatry Group, they did the job for me.

John W. Pagliano, D.P.M 2840 Long Beach Blvd. Suite 130 Long Beach, CA 90806 (562) 426-0376 “He is very good and is a marathoner and longtime runner himself (in his day, he was like a sub 2:30 marathoner).”

Arnold Ross, he is excellent.

Dr. Dan Berry in the Valley at (818) 986-8773. Pat Connely (that coach from LA Roadrunners And LA marathon referred me to him, so he comes highly referred.)

Dr. Franklin Kase in Burbank

Patrick Corrigan 310-829-4164

I would recommend Alan Singer DPM, he is located in the medical building directly in front of UCLA Medical Center...he did Shaq's foot surgery...good friend and excellent doctor.....

We have Dr. Kelman out here in the San Fernando Valley (I think he has an office in Westalke too). (818) 701-6900

Dr. Pagliano in Long Beach. “He has been a sub 3 hour marathoner for Many years.“

Robert N. Mohr DPM University Podiatry Group (310) 443-8999 100 UCLA Medical Plaza, Suite 460 Los Angeles, CA 90095-6909

Sorry you need a podiatrist, but I love my guy: Dr. Tim Liddy DPM 8797 Beverly Bl., #350 West Hollywood, CA 90048 Tel.: 310/652-1163 Fax: 310/652-2713

Dr. Keith Gurnick 310-553-7691 2080 Century Park East Suite 204 Los Angeles, 90067 “He's a runner himself & an all around nice-guy.“

Foot and Ankle Insitute in Santa Monica. I am seeing Dr. Franson.

Tim Bomba wrote: “Wanna go to Northridge?” Alan thought: “No, I want to go to a foot doc. Why would I want to go to a mall? Too much walking with a bad foot.”