In regards to my email post concerning sore nipples (on men) during long runs I was blessed with the following information which I pass on to those who requested it.

The top ten ways for men to keep their nipples from becoming sore spots on a long run.

10. Go topless. There will be no friction and if you look good and are training with Linda she will appreciate it.

9. Cut them off. Thanks for the input Tim (how hard did you hit your head?).

8. Dr Scholls Moleskin with a little hole cut out. Sexy.

7. A tight shirt under the more stylish loose shirt.

6. Aquaphor, like a water based vasaline.

5. Johnson and Johnson waterproof tape or some other medical tape or electrical tape

4. Try a new shirt (Adidas shirts worked well for the replier).

3. Use the damn body glide and stain your shirt you fashionista! (Actually, I was informed that BodyGlide will not stain.)

2. Band-Aids, either the small circular ones or two in an X pattern like a super hero.

1. Nip-Gaurds which can be found in your local neighborhood running store.