Huge thanks to everyone with great responses to my sciatica drama. In my case, the psoas, periformus, and a hip tilt are the culprit. Lots of great advice has me on the road to recovery. Suggestions are noted below (in no particular order).

Symmetry Program-http:/ It's about restoring posture so body can function as meant. Program begins with an alignment evaluation and from that a custom tailored program is designed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Orthotics- for both running and biking. Consider the way they are cast. Some are cast standing up in the plaster, some are cast standing on a pad where the image and pressure points are fed into a computer to calculate the correction. Orthodics casted while the feet were in neutral position makes most sense. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Orthotics- Dr. Altschuler in Santa Monica. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hellerworks-works on aligning the muscles back to where they should be, similar to Rolfing. Helpful with a few things: - getting the muscles into proper alignment - understanding why muscles get out of alignment - working on things to prevent it from re-occurring

Tom Marshall in Westlake Village (near Thousand Oaks) 805-495-8620. May be able to suggest someone in your area. and look at the client handbook. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Physical Therapy- rub downs or massages on affected areas which include periformus, glutes, IT band, lower back and psoas muscle and tendon (impossible to get at without help). Use an ice cup right on the skin for 5 min. at a time every hour as much as possible. Use a foam roller as much as you can stand on periformus and glutes, and IT band. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Rober Forster Physical Therapy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Billauer Chirpractic 2901 Washington Blvd Marina del Rey 90292 310-306-1983 He has a coupon for a discount on your first visit on his site -- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Dan Lehnberg, DC, CCSP, CSCS WESTSIDE HEALTHCARE & SPORTS MEDICINE Tel 310-944-9763 Fax 310-944-9764 LA TRI members a complimentary consultation. Work mostly with athletes. Active Myofascial release in conjunction with correcting muscle imbalances and training modifications can usually take care of this condition. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Greg Beaton at Malibu Rehab ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

John B. MacLaren Elite Fitness Training Systems 12401 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angles, CA 90025 Tel:310-309-3757 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Alison at Cypress Center PT Pacific Palisades (above the Block Buster video store) 573-9553. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Lynn Paul Taylor - 323-938-0478. Get rid of the scar tissue adhesions. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Orthopedist-to make sure it wasn't a fracture or pathology. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Book by Gordo Byrnes called Going Long . Hip flexibility exercises. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Shim the cleat on the shorter leg to help with the leg length discrepancy on the bike. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Alison at Cypress Center PT Pacific Palisades (above the Block Buster video store) 573-9553. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Books and teachings of Pete Egoscue. He would probably say, that unless you have had some type of trauma, (car crash etc); leg length discrepancy is due to a rotation or tilting of your pelvis/hips. And therein lies the problem. His books: THE EGOSCUE METHOD OF HEALTH THROUGH MOTION and PAIN FREE make real sense and the exercises are simple to follow. Or email him with this message detailing your injury. He works mainly with athletes and his partner has completed the hawaii ironman many times. As athletes themselves, they will be a great starting point, at least. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Cortisone injections ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sports massage therapist Anthony Manniello (310) 266-2114 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Acupuncture expert (California State Board Certified) Don Buck (323) 934-3588. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~