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LA TRI CLUB is a diverse group of athletes who have banded together for over two decades for many different reasons. And through shared experiences, training, adventures, socials, racing, and volunteering… we’ve found lifelong friendships and a family. We understand and know that our members have lives and responsibilities outside of triathlons, so we offer two memberships to enhance, not interrupt, your lifestyle as you strive further down the triathlon path!

  • Passion
  • Passion


    / Month
    12 Months
  • LATC PASSION membership focuses on the friendship, fun, and family that triathlon magically creates. The camaraderie and support of training with a team and attending group workouts is priceless. Enjoy the social connectivity and calendar of athletic opportunities, to create your perfect experience in sport.

    From transition tips to shaving secrets, our members learn how to achieve success and truly enjoy leading a triathlete lifestyle.

    Our LATC PASSION membership offers the following benefits:

    • Built-in network of triathletes spanning our 25 years
    • Topical seminars, clinics & conversation
    • Coach & Member-led workouts for each sport
    • Super-valuable sponsor and race discounts
    • FREE open water swims
    • Pit crew assistance at local races
    • Training plans for select races
    • Swag, event and race raffles
    • SAG supported rides
  • $20.00/mo
  • Terms and Conditions:

    • * Automatically renews annually
    • * Requires 12 month minimum commitment.
  • Performance 1 on 1
  • Performance 1 on 1


    / Month
  • PERFORMANCE 1-ON-1 is the ultimate experience of an athlete/coach relationship. 100% custom training programs built around your goals, your skill, your experience and your fitness level; adjusted with discernment for every contingency: travel, development pace, skill acquisition, etc. The 1-ON-1 system delivers the highest caliber of guidance to graduate you to be the best you can be. Limited number of slots available.

    • Individually-designed training programs + race planning that utilizes the leading Final Surge platform & delivers analytics, options, accountability, and motivation.
    • Unlimited communication with your coach: daily tracking, phone, text, email, video call.
    • Maximizes every element of the 24 years of service LA Tri Club offers: Community, sponsors, workouts, challenges.
    • Triathlon Masters Swim Program  for only $39. ($10 Savings)
    • Velocity Live Indoor Cycling $69 ($30 Savings)
  • Terms and Conditions:

    • * Automatically renews monthly
    • * Requires 3 month minimum commitment.

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