Each year we hold a special YEP (Year End Party & banquet) at which we look back over the last season and celebrate. In January, we celebrated the 2013 at the Luxe Hotel on Sunset Blvd. A few hundred members and guests came together for an evening of dinner, awards and dancing. For those who were not able to join us, here are some of the awards highlights.

Click Here for photos by member-shutterbug GO SHIGGY GO, Shiggy Ichinomiya.

>>> 2013 MEMBER AWARDS <

Mo Geller, Member of the Year

Tina Sathoff, Volunteer of the Year

Nikki Mueller, Tri-Nightmare of the Year

Master Cruz, Newbie of the Year

Wayne Fong, John Boland Spirit Award


The Speedster awards acknowledges the LA Tri Clubber who routinely finished well ahead of the pack…. You know, the person who is finishing around the same time that most of us are starting the run!

In choosing the winner, we'll weigh overall wins higher than age group wins, but we'll also factor in consistency (i.e., the more winning performances the better), race difficulty (i.e., age group win at Wildflower is more impressive than an age group win at the Bud Light reverse super-sprint triathlon in Rancho Cucamonga.).

Kim Nakamaru, Short Course female

Lynne Fiedler, Long Course female

Brad Austin, Long Course male

Dillon Nobbs, Jr. Elite Outstanding Performance

Eric Burnett, Non-traditional Outstanding Performance

Stella Tong, Single-sport Outstanding Performance

Our sincere appreciation to the following members who contributed to the workings of LA Tri Club in a consistent or critical way in 2013... we say THANK YOU to the Training leaders, Pit Crew team, Social Committee, and more... It's difficult to keep track of everyone, since we have so many members generous with their time and energy. Thank you to all those who pitched in to make 2013 another outstanding year for our club.

Abby Megginson

Adrian Valdivieso

Amy Berkin-Chavez

Amy Rappaport

Andy Lynch

Anneka Sakovich - Social Committee Mgr

Anthony So

Ashley Kirsininkas

Asya Zikranova

Azriel Aharon

Bill Lockton - Email, Calendar & Race Results Mgr

Brian Morri

Carol Reynes

Carol Roda

Catherine Griffin

Chris Rosien

Cynthia Xu

David Levine

Deb Carabet

Debbie Sullivan

Detra Jones - Race Programs Mgr

Ellen Demsky

Emily Cohen - Calendar Mgr

Fory Horio

Gail Gottfried

Glenn Mantel

Holger Beckmann

Ian Israel Christopher

Jackie Yukawa

Jamie Silber

Janice Loughman

Jennifer Kramer - Newbie Mgr

Jessica Bashaw

Jessica Flores

Karen Hallsman

Kelley O'Neill Lin

Kelly Rockwell - Pit Crew Mgr

Konrad Ribeiro - Newbie Mgr

Laurie King

Linda Baltes Mansolillo

Lisa Cheney-Miali

Lisa Winger

Lizzie Brenkus

Lou Briones

Marc Geraldez

Melanie Webber

Michael Andrulis

Mo Geller

Nancy Johnston

Niecia Staggs

Peter Castro

Ray Eastwood

Robert Pennington

Roberta Silverman

Ron Sluyter

Salvador Mutuc

Sharon McNary

Sharon Wong

Sherry Winston

Stella Tong - TriCHICKS Mgr

Stephen Harris

Steve Herbert

Susan Trabue

Thom Richmond

Tim Bomba

Tina Sathoff - Social Committee Mgr

Vanessa Pineda

Warren Selko

Will Robinson - Pit Crew Mgr

William Hurst

Yan Zhang