The heartrate monitor is the #1 tool you can use on a daily basis to train smart, burn fat and get results. This simple watch and chest strap combo is a “window to your soul” and tells you vital information that makes sure every second of your workout is maximized. Although heartrate monitors have been around for years, many athletes strangely resist using them and those who do, rarely know how to use them correctly.

Heartrate guides you to exercise at the correct intensity by monitoring the “stress” of a workout. Higher heartrates equal higher stress and more sugars burned. Lower heartrates mean lower stress and more fat burned. The goal of most endurance training is to teach the body to burn fat and save the limited carbohydrates available until the final push or sprint for the line. Therefore, monitoring your heartrate tells you when you are drifting from a predominantly fat burning state to a sugar burning state.

At my TRIO lab in Brentwood, we do 2 types of metabolic testing:

  1. Blood Lactate testing
  2. VO2 testing

Each one gives you heartrate training zones that are custom to YOU. We tell you how to use these “zones” so that you get results. Each heartrate zone has a specific function. When you are trying to build endurance you work at a different heartrate compared to when you are trying to build speed. For example, Heartrates tell you when you are getting dehydrated or running out of fuel. When you combine heartrate data with power/ speed information and perceived exertion you take control of your workouts. Do this on a daily basis and watch your performance and health jump to a new level. Lastly, performing a regular field test (every 3-4 weeks) should reveal lower heartrates for the same power/ pace as the months progress. This shows that your body is absorbing the training and that you are gaining aerobic fitness. We also teach you what factors affect your heartrate so that you can adapt your training to different conditions.

It's never too late to learn to TRAIN SMART. Don't make the mistake of thinking that lab testing or heartrate training is for the pro's. It's the opposite!!! Pro's have bucket loads of genetic talent so testing helps refine this, whereas age groupers have limited genetic talent so really need help to dial in accurate training so that they can maximize what they were born with.

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Over the years, Gareth has been coach & advisor to top endurance athletes including World & National champions in Triathlon, Duathlon & Cycling. He brings elite level coaching & sports science support to age group athletes and their coaches to help everyone reach their true potential.



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TRIO is LA's premier sports science facility, offering state of the art analysis services for athletes of all abilities. Services include, Blood Lactate and VO2 testing, swim video and lactate analysis, bike pedal stroke analysis, run technique training, nutrition programs and consulting plus the new TRIO indoor Triathlon workout: a coached hour of swim, bike & run training with real time video feedback.