2009 Swim, Stride & Suds

The laid back, un-official workout of the everyman. And everywoman. And everyone

Here’s the deal

  • Who – EVERONE

  • What – An excuse to cut out of work a bit early once in a while and enjoy the reason we live in SoCal.

  • When – , Wednesday evenings, twice monthly starting May 6th. See LATC Calendar for specific dates.

  • Where – Ocean Park Beach http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=1773243

    • Same location as the Weds. AM Ocean Speed Circuit

  • Why – Because training doesn’t need to be boring, solo, hard, or boring. Oh. I said that.

Focus is not on quantity. Or even quality. It is on getting together with friends, getting to the beach, and remembering why we love triathlon and living in this crazy jungle.

Hope to see you there.



About Author

Jen Kramer and Konrad Ribeiro are your LATC Newbie Advisors. What does that mean? Let's break it down, shall we?
* Jen has been an LA Tri Clubber since 2006, has done two Ironmans, 12 marathons, and is one of the leaders of the LATC TriChicks. She is the Susan Lucci of LA Tri Club, having been nominated for a club award all five years, never quite closing the deal. Newbie of the Year, Member of the Year, Spirit Award, you name it, she hasn't won it! By creating the position of Newbie Adviser, she continues her longstanding success in finding ways to be involved with LA Tri Club without actually training, racing, sweating or really exerting any more energy than necessary.
* Konrad has been in the club since 2001, served three years on the LATC Board of Directors, completed two Ironmans, won a bike racing state title, won the 2005 LATC Spirit Award and bleeds LATC blue. Over a decade in the sport and he still forgets his cycling shoes when he goes to races making him perfectly qualified to be one of your Newbie Advisors.
* Newbie Advisors - Jen and Konrad will help new members (and those looking to just have fun!) get the most out of LA Tri Club. Some of what we do will be athletic. Some will be social. Some will be totally practical. And some will be pure fun. Our job is to make the club and the sport a bit less intimidating and give newbs more ways to meet new friends, find training partners, feel comfortable at workouts and enjoy everything that LATC has to offer. We'll also make lots of inappropriate jokes.


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