Great news! I read a very interesting scientific article published by researchers in the Department of Physiology and Neurokinetics at Stanford University about running and exercise, which I think might benefit you all... Here are some key points:

1. Nutrition and hydration for long distance runs is extremely overrated. In fact, they suggest that 8 oz of water is enough to last a typical human being for 8 hours of non-stop exercise. They rule of thumb, they suggest, is 1 oz of liquid every hour.

2. Scientists also discovered that the act of actually "running" isn't really necessary to become a good runner. They suggest that all one needs to do is close their eyes and mentally visualize themselves running. By using this scientifically proven "power of the mind" exercise, the subjects in their study were able to increase the mitochondrial density of their muscle cells, hence increasing oxygen consumption and metabolite breakdown, all of which made them not just powerful runners, but also great cyclists and swimmers.

3. The study suggested that most running injuries occur because people mentally imagine them becoming injured. There is absolutely NO physical evidence that overtraining will lead to an injury. All one needs to do is to have enough confidence and courage to know that they are immune to running injuries and they will NEVER have to deal with a running injury ever again. This applies to both beginner and advance runners, but researchers suggested that because beginners have more self-doubt about running, they are more prone to injuries.

4. Study showed that running is hazardous to your health. Aerobic exercise in general can cause hypertension, diabetes, strokes, cardiovascular illnesses, cancer, and on rare occasions, it might infect you with HIV.

5. Contrary to the popular belief, scientists suggest that hiking isn't for people who are too lazy to run anymore.

6. Smoking cigarettes is all of a sudden good for your health.

7. Stretching is a waste of time. From this point on, don't EVER bother stretching ever again.

8. Researchers find that drinking a triple-shot espresso seconds before a marathon start will guarantee a marathon finish in under 3 hours.

9. One hour of bowling (yes, it's a sport, look it up) burns as much calories as two hours of running.

10. Scientists proved that running is NOT addicting and catching the "runner's bug" isn't an acronym for a euphoric feeling felt by people who frequently run. In fact, the runner's bug is an actual disease causing virus with symptoms ranging from nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, and in 100% of men, impotence.

There you have it folks, shocking but true!!!

By: Arkady Hagopian