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Folsom Swim Run

The 3rd Annual Folsom Swim Run is BACK with the short course and long Course for individuals and two-person teams. The official rule for the event is: anything you wear, use, or bring to start the race (both the short course & long course start with a swim), you must have at the end of the race. You are not allowed to drop or pick up gear during the race. Teams must stay together - but do not need to be tethered or connected - and cannot start a run leg until both members of the team or out of the water and present at the start of the run leg. Included for each Folsom Swim Run athlete is a custom waterproof gear bag, a TBF race number belt & Tyvek number bib, a swim cap, plus a custom TBF Folsom Swim Run racing hat. A post-race BBQ is also included.

Black Miners Bar, Folsom Lake SRA
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    July 27, 2024
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    1-time event (non-weekly)
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