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Wednesday Night Track - Gone Virtual

A Zoom Track workout with certified coaches, mostly Level Two, USAT and USAT&F. We walk you through every step of the workout. For runners, fast and slow, run/walkers and walkers. Inspirational stories, form work, rhythm, things to consider, all while you workout. Coach led warm up before and stretch afterward. This may be some of the best coach led workouts, as we can talk to you, while you workout. All done by intervals of time, not distance. So everyone starts and stops at the same time, with the same recovery. Earbuds or headphones are a plus, or simply crank up the volume on your cell.

Zoom Meeting
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  • Date:
    November 25, 2020
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    Weekly event on Wednesdays
    September 23, 2020 - Dec 30, 2020
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    Beginner Intermediate Advanced
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