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Turkey Triathlon

Triathlon 1/2 Mile Swim, 14 Mile Bike, 4.5 Mile Run Duathlon 2 Mile Run, 14 Mile Bike, 4.5 Mile Run Aquabike 1/2 Mile Swim, 14 Mile Bike Kids Du: 1/2 Mile Run, 2 Mile Bike, 1/2 Mile Run (Good for Ages 4-12) The event begins with a ½ mile calm lake swim. The bike is a 14 mile (2-loop) road course that is mostly flat with a couple of small hills. The run is 4.5 miles all on paved surfaces around the lake. Everyone gets a piece of Pumpkin Pie at the finish line! Don't forget the kids! The Turkey Tri is fun for the whole family! Come out to participate in the Turkey Triathlon/Duathlon/Aquabike and bring the kids for the Pumpkin Pie Kids Duathlon. Keep your kids in the action and promote physical fitness with this 1/2 mile run, 2-mile bike and 1/2 mile run. Good for Ages 4-12

San Dimas
  • Race - Triathlon
  • Date:
    November 27, 2020
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    1-time event (non-weekly)
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    Beginner Intermediate Advanced
  • Where:
    San Bernadino County
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