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Super League Triathlon Canada - Penticton

MB Events and Super League Triathlon are excited to announce Super League Canada - Penticton! Super League Triathlon is not your traditional Swim, Bike, Run. Athletes will compete over multiple days, accumulating times in each of the races to decide the winner over the whole weekend. The race formats are varied, with differing lengths and a mix up of running order from the usual swim/bike/run introducing the need for some different tactics to the usual short course racing. It’s fast, furious and a lot of fun! Unlike the Pro Athletes, there is no elimination of Age Group athletes. If you have entered the full Super League Triathlon Weekend you will race all of the races. We have race options will suit all budgets and availability. Super League Triathlon Penticton: The main event. Times across all races are added together to crown the winners. Equalizer: Times from Friday’s Part 1 and Saturday’s Part 2 are added together to crown the winners of the Equalizer race. Enduro: The total race time from Sunday’s race defines the ranking and winners of the Enduro race. Team Weekend: As with the main Super League Triathlon Penticton event. Team times are combined to crown Team winners. The Age Group race will be held over three days as two races. The first event is the Equalizer, a two (2) stage event. Stage 1 is a stand-alone time trial (think Tour de France) that will be approx. 20km on Friday, August 17th in the evening with the first racers going off at 6 pm. The second part of the Equalizer, Stage 2, is a Swim (500m), Run (2.5km), Swim (500m), Bike (20km), Run (2.5km) on Saturday morning August 18th. Your two times from the two events equal your Race 1 finishing time. The second event is the Standard Enduro which is Swim (750m), Bike (20km), Run (5km), Swim (750m) Bike (20km), Run (5km) will take place on Sunday, August 19th.

Course still being worked out. Takes place in Penticton, Canada, which is in British Columbia, situated between Lake Okanaghan and Lake Scaha.
  • Race - Triathlon
  • Date:
    August 17, 2018
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    1-time event (non-weekly)
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    Beginner Intermediate Advanced
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    Out of USA
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