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Angeles Crest Ride

Fast fun ride in the Angeles Forest. One of five routes: Mt Wilson - 40 miles & 5,164', Upper Big Tujunga - 47 miles & 6,011', Singing Springs - 59 miles & 7,516', Cloudburst Summit - 67 miles & 8,225', Red Box to Montrose Ride - 79 miles & 5,944'.

Riders accept all risks. Cars will come too close & may occasionally try to hit you. Recommend use of a mirror (yes it looks geeky). Be ready to get out of the way. Helmet, front & rear lights, mirror, flat kit, 2 water bottles, snacks & a cell phone are all recommended. Bears, cougars, big-horn sheep, partyers driving home, granite hay bales & cliffs are all risks on this ride.

Clip-in at 6AM. Please arrive by 5:45AM. Parking is at Starbucks, located at Gould & Foothill in La Cañada. On downhills, pease maintain safe speeds and drafting distances. Rounding corners, expect cars & trucks to occasionally be in your lane. Sitting up & spinning the downhills extends the workout. Stay Zen & have fun!
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  • Dates:
    January 28, 2017 - Jan 27, 2018
  • Frequency:
    Weekly event on Saturdays
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