TriFit Pur Pak Open Water Ocean Swim

The class will be led by Zac Cracknell, a former member of the Australian national swim team; he competed internationally and was one of Australia's top ten National swim, Zac is also a US Masters swim coach. Zac's fundamental understanding of a strong core and proper technique has been instrumental in helping athletes that are good swimmers become great competitive swimmers.

Goal: Make you a stronger faster open water swimmer; help you to get an edge on the competition when you are racing. Unlike other open water swims we will begin with a warm-up targeting key core muscle groups that are crucial for swim speed and strength. The focus of this workout will be on longer swim workouts where participants will have the chance to practice their skills and increase overall strength and endurance. In addition to core work the workout will include basic open water and triathlon skills such as entry at the start, handling waves, sighting and navigation, drafting, pacing, passing, exiting the water, as well as race strategy.

Specifics: The swim will meet at Tower 26 at 6:30 am on Friday mornings at the corner of Barnard Way and Ocean Park blvd. There is a lot available for short term parking and metered parking on the street. Please be on time as workouts begin promptly at 6:30 am, if you are late you will miss the warm up.

Swimming Requirements: Due to the inherent risks that come with open water swimming this workout is not meant for beginning swimmers, familiarity with basic open water swimming is important. Each participant should be able to swim a 100 yard free under 2:15 and should be able to complete 1000 yard swim without stopping.

Please make sure to bring a wet-suit (water will be very comfortable in the upper 60's), goggles, towel, hydration, and something warm to wear in the morning. ALL SWIMMERS ARE REQUIRED to sign a liability form, after doing so you will be given a bright swim cap which will identify you. These caps are non-transferable; they are only assigned with liability release, if you transfer your swim cap you will not be able to come back to this swim. IF YOU HAVE A CAP FROM LAST YEAR PLEASE BRING IT. As mentioned open water swimming comes with inherent risks, we need to be certain that everyone is aware of these risks and assumes liability before entering the water.

In addition to Zac we will have Ian Culbertson, a USC-SMC swim instructor and lifeguard out on a board to support all the swimmers, coach David will also be out on a board for extra support.

Tower 26 The corner of Barnard Way and Ocean Park blvd.
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    May 30, 2014 - Oct 29, 2014
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    Weekly event on Fridays
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    Intermediate Advanced
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    Santa Monica
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    TRIFIT Club & Studios Baski
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