Golden Gate Triathlon - Olympic

.93 mile swim, 25.82 mile bike, 6.17 mile run Swim: 2 loops (triangular) at East Chrissy Field Beach Bike: Once you have mounted your bike you will ride out to Mason St. and head west until you pass the bike to run and finish transition area on your right. After passing this area you will ride west approximately 1/4 mile and make a sharp left onto Long. At the top of Long you will go right onto Lincoln proceed to Bowley and veer right. When Bowley merges into Lincoln you will make a sharp left and head back up. Remain on Lincoln all the way back to Long, turn left onto Long and continue down to the bottom of Long where you will turn onto Hamilton St. and proceed to the small turn around right before Hamilton St. turns into Mason St. There you will turn around until you have finished the required number of laps (6 for Olympic Run:Exiting out of Transition Area, athletes will begin their out and back runs by heading toward the Golden Gate Bridge. Just past the Warming Hut athletes will be guided left onto a trail (steep stairs initially). The trail will be marked by flags and volunteers all the way to the bridge. Make sure to check the run course maps to know what side of the bridge the run will be on. Typically foot traffic is on the east side of the bridge, but often times construction, maintenance, or other unforeseen circumstances require us to change sides. Should there be a change we will make sure to notify all of you as soon as we know of it. •Olympic Distance athletes will run all the way over the Bridge and be guided down another 1/2 mile of path to their turn-around point approximately 3 miles into the run

East Chrissy Field Beach, Presidio, San Francisco
  • Race - Triathlon
  • Date:
    June 09, 2013 - Jun 09, 2013
  • Frequency:
    1-time event (non-weekly)
  • Start Time:
  • Level:
    Beginner Intermediate Advanced
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