Old Goats 50 Miler

The Old Goat's 50 Mile Trail Race is a modified figure eight course that starts and finishes at Blue Jay Campground, located in the Trabuco region of the Cleveland National Forest. The camp is 22 miles east of San Juan Capistrano, Ca. and 5 miles North of the Ortega Highway (RTE74). The race has 13,423' of elevation gain and is rated one of the toughest 50 mile trail races in the Country. This race is not for the squimish, the easily intimidated, or the undertrained. It has twelve fully stocked aid stations ready to support your needs be it a hot drink or a cold compress.

Bluejay Campground is approximately 25 miles east of the Junction of Interstate 5 in San Juan Capistrano and Rte 74 (the Ortega Highway). Note: other than a strip mall in San Juan there will be NO services available anywhere other than in the immediate vicinity of the freeway. At mile 22 you will make the left hand turn onto what is locally known as Long Canyon Rd. There will be signs (Old Goat Race) and glo-sticks indicating the route. Long Canyon is narrow, winding and very steep. When you arrive at the tee turn right onto another narrower, winding, and steep asphalt road. The entrance to Bluejay will be on the left. You do not have to stop at the entrance. Continue through the campground to lower Bluejay and follow the instructions on the signs, and/or the directions of race staff. Bluejay Campground is located approximately 14 miles west of the junction of Interstate15 and Rte74 (The Ortega Highway). There are numerous turns during the first five miles. Also, you will pass grocery and convenience stores in Lake Elsinore. If you need anything (including gas) get it here. There will be very few opportunities to purchase anything once you start up the hill. The drive from Lake Elsinore takes about a half hour but you can get stuck behind a truck, tourist, or timid driver who refuses to go faster than 25 and won't use the turnouts. At mile 11 you will a the right hand turn onto what is locally known as Long Canyon Rd. Once on Long Canyon you are only three miles from Bluejay (see directions in previous description). Directions and links to maps The Silverado Canyon aid station is 50 miles and approximately an hour and a half drive from Blue Jay via San Juan Capistrano. Pacers for the Chimera 100k may meet their runners here, but be advised there is no shuttle service to Silverado before or after the race. Competitors who drop will be transported back to Bluejay after the last runner clears the Maple Springs Aid station.