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Ocean 101 Coaches

Ocean 101 Coaches
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The Ocean 101 coaches are seasoned triathletes and open water swimming evangelists. Not only do they share a common desire to take the fear out of ocean swimming, but they maintain a complimentary sense of humor to lighten the experience.

Brian Morri, Chris Rosien, and Max Miller have all coached the Ocean 101 for over a decade each. Recent additions Deb Carabet, Max Raymundo, and Paul Semnacher bring several decades of open water, triathlon racing, and coaching experience to the sessions. The wealth of experience and knowledge these coaches bring routinely shames the dolphins who occasionally make their appearance at the clinic. Each coach is SafeSport certified and several are USAT certified coaches as well.

These qualities are just the right stuff to rid newbies of ocean fear. These folks work together perfectly to encourage your understanding, respect and ultimate love of ocean swimming!

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