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Stella Tong

In 2006, Stella was working checking off items on her "Things-To-Do-Before-I-Die-List" and the next item in line was to do a triathlon.

Despite not having run since 2002 (due to knee injuries), not knowing how to ride a road bike (had only ever ridden a mountain bike), and not knowing how to swim properly (being able to surf or tread water didn't quite count), she figured, "this is at least going to be more fun than working out at a gym". So Stella signed up for her first triathlon and picked the "Santa Barbara Womens Only Sprint" mainly because the swim was so short and she figured she didn’t want to get kicked in the face by a bunch of men.

Stella had heard about the LA Tri Club over the years through various sources and thought it would be a great opportunity to be around like-minded people and learn more about the sport. She quickly realized being a member of LATC gave her the resources and support to guide her along her way. She attended a new member night, signed up for every clinic being offered (transition clinic, bike tire changing clinic, etc), a couple track workouts, and Ocean 101. Fortunately as a surfer, she had no problem with getting into the water and out past the surf. Unfortunately, she couldn't swim very well when she got out there. Just bobbled around and treaded water wishing she had her surfboard with her.

Two weeks before her first triathlon she realized that trying to learn how to swim via the internet wasn't working, so she quickly signed up for a swim lesson to get her through her first race. Somehow Stella didn't drown during the race, and in fact she placed 4th in her Age Group. Between all the friends and community of LA TriClub, the support and encouragement of fellow racers, she was absolutely completely hooked. A couple of days later a fellow LATC buddy suggested that she register for Ironman Coeur D'Alene 2007, and Stella naively said yes. She figured if she placed so well in her first race, how hard could an "Ironman" be? She quickly registered before the slots were closed, but then found out what participating in an Ironman distance race really entailed. But by then, it was too late. She found out that there were no refunds and frugal as she is, there was no way she was going to let that money go to waste.

So ten months later after her first sprint triathlon, Stella became an Ironman at IM Couer D'Alene. It was an accomplishment she never would have imagined nor even thought possible had it not been for the friends, resources and community of the LA Tri Club.

LA Tri Club changed Stella’s life in so many ways, and that is why she is happy to be fully immersed in the LATC Community. She is the TriChicks Manager, all around full fledged supporter, member, cheerleader, ambassador, and on many of the different committees.

When she is not doing triathlon related things, Stella loves to surf, snowboard, races motorcycles, adventure race, mountain bike, bike race, camp and hike and throw dinner parties for friends.

Stella is also the founder and owner of Life Envisioned. A Strategy Coaching and Lifestyle Management company that helps people live the life they’ve always envisioned by achieving the dreams and goals they set for themselves in personal, fitness, career, health, and/or professional paths. Life Envisioned

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Mission Statement: The LA Tri Club was established to provide a network of information, support services, training & racing activities, friendship and fun for all ages and abilities. The LA Tri Club is one of the largest triathlon clubs in the World with over 1800 members. Check out our Join page for more details on our organization.

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