It's time to start the New Year with LA Tri Club's Year End Party!! (or YEP as we affectionately call it)

​Put on your dancing shoes​, fun outfits​ and come​ on​ out for our annual LA Tri Club Year End Party aka YEP! ​If the crazy warm weather​ continues​ we may ​bring the party outside ​and dine under the stars along the clanking sounds of the sailboat masts.

Ou​r​​ Year End Party​ honoring your fellow LATC'rs for their 2017 achievements​, will be held on Saturday January 2​0​, 201​8​ at the Del Rey Yacht Club in Marina Del Rey starting at 6:30PM.

LATC's traditional Awards Dinner/Party is our "prom", "Let's see what I have to wear other than Swim/Bike/Run attire", "What happens in Marina Del Rey...." etc., ​It's a night filled with lots of laughter, dancing and memorable moments all packed into one evening. ​

Are you a new member? YEP is a great event for you "ne​w​bs" and for all of our members. It's a great way to meet new people, hang with some of our sponsors, see your fellow clubbers in clothes other than a wetsuit, cycling or racing kit. It's a ​great​ way to celebrate your ​awesome year of training and racing. Bring family and/or friends, everyone is welcome!

TICKETS : $65 From Dec. 1​3​-Jan​.​​9​th​

​$70 From Jan. 10-14th

$80 From Jan-15-18th​


Feel free to contact Deb with any questions.​ See you all there!​

Your LATC Advisory Board: Paul, Deb, Ian & Larry


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Paul Hekimian is progressive, multifaceted entrepreneur and consultant who has built and supported businesses, charities, and his own speaking platform through good character, positive attitude, and entrepreneurial spirit.  The energy he has poured into 20 years as a businessman mirrors his enthusiasm for the sport of triathlon… and his love of California!

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