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Wildflower Triathlon - Olympic

1.5K SWIM, 40K BIKE, 10K RUN In the tradition of Wildflower being one of the most challenging events in the world, the Olympic Distance Triathlon lives up to the reputation. Collegiate, age group, relay teams and triathlon clubs love the challenge. The 1.5 km swim is a counter clockwise swim around buoys in 65-68 F water. It can be smooth or choppy depending on the weather. The bike course a 40 km out and back course starting right out of the transition area up Lynch Hill before any flats. The rolling on San Antonio Drive and Interlake Road seem to have many more uphills than downhills to the turn-around at the 20 Km. When you turn around for the ride back you will be sure that they turned the hills around too and they are all uphill again. When you get back into the park you get to go down Lynch Hill and have to use your brakes. The run is along the shoreline to Harris Creek campgrounds and then on San Antonio Drive to run uphill yet again. You make your way to the finish on a steep downgrade on Lynch Hill that will cause your calves to rebel against you as the finish line starts to come into view. There is nothing better than completing the Wildflower Experience. Contact us for special youth pricing for this race.

Lake San Antonio
  • Race - Triathlon
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    May 03, 2020
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    1-time event (non-weekly)
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    Intermediate Advanced
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