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Angeles Crest Ride

Angeles Crest hwy -- three scenic routes: Mount Wilson (40 + 5,164'), Upper Big Tujunga loop (46 + 6,011'), and Cloudburst Summit (67 + 8,225'). Advanced riders please.

5:45/6:00 AM arrive & prep, 6:15am clip-in & go. Please check "LA Tri Club Angeles Crest Ride" Facebook page to see if the ride is on. These are "loop" routes. During the descent back to La Canada, the routes facilitate a rejoin of the group. Everyone arrives back at SBUX, La Canada together.

Recommended gear: high quality tires/tubes, front & rear lights, (2) bottles of water/electrolyte, snacks for avoiding the bonk, cell phone, and tools to replace a tube or repair chain. A mirror is highly recommended. Many areas have no cell phone coverage. There is a fair amount of glass & occasional large rocks on the road.

Occasionally, crazy drivers pass too close. On uphill when being passed, please stay on or to the right of white line. On downhill, please be mindful of cars wanting to pass. Above 50 mph is fun but please don't go downhill in the aero position

Meetup at Starbucks at 475 Foothill Blvd, La Canada, CA (Foothill & Gould)
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    June 15, 2019
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    Weekly event on Saturdays
    March 02, 2019 - Feb 29, 2020
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    Intermediate Advanced
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