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Bike Event
Angeles Crest Ride
Description Climbing ride - Mt Wilson (40 miles/5164'), Upper Big Tujunga (47 miles/6011') & Cloudburst Summit (67 miles/8225'). Group votes.

Riders accept risks. Cars will pass too close. Use a rear-view mirror & be ready to move right.

Recommended gear: Helmet, front/rear lights, flat kit, rear-view mirror, two bottles, snacks & cell phone.

All routes have two water stops.

Type Bike
Date(s) November 07, 2015 - Dec 26, 2015
Frequency Weekly event on Saturdays
Start Time 5:30 AM
Level Intermediate, Advanced
Where Los Angeles
Comments Clip-in at 5:30 AM. Arrive between 5:10 and 5:20 to set up.

Start is at Starbucks in La Caņada (at Gould Ave).

Maintain safe speeds and drafting distance on downhills. On corners, expect cars & trucks to occasionally be in your lane.

On downhills, sitting up & spinning extends the workout. Gooning it up & careening off into the granite hay bales is bad form.

Members Only? Members & guests
Contact Information
Who Mark Jean
Email mjean@strongai.co
Phone 310-795-1147
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