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Club Member: Michael McDonough
Race: Tour Minogue
Distance: Other
Race Date: 10/17/10
Submit Date: 10/19/10

Dear Triclubbers, Cold, fog, drizzle and actual rain contributed to the atmosphere as we climbed Yerba Buena Road , renamed Alp D' Joe for the day in honor of our friend Joe Minogue. At the top the rain really started coming down, making our descent tricky and at times, out right treacherous. Fortunately, we had a great crew of 12 cyclists; the LATC brothers and sisters who bonded together to make a difficult ride incredibly wonderful. That cracked, bumpy road almost took a few of us down. But I could feel the presence of Joe with us, perhaps guiding the handle bars when hands were numb, or our decision making blinded by the weather. Yes, he was guiding us up and over the mountains all right. Joe was would not miss a ride like this for the world! Our caravan was sent off from Zuma Beach by Joe's wife Mardi and his daughter Isabela. Riding with us were Joe's son Evan and his brother Rob, both who claimed to "be totally out of shape" for such a climb. Hardly! They threw that hammer down! Upon returning to Zuma, we were greeted lovingly by Mardi , Isabela and friends, who had waited in the cold and wet for us, which was a nice surprise indeed! Loads of food and hot chocolate were also waiting, all of which hit the spot after our 3 hour tour. A big shout out to LATCer John Roesch, who did a fantastic job as support car driver and multi-tasker extraordinaire. He rocked it. Although it was a dark and overcast morning, the special and heartfelt endeavor made it feel like a bright and beautiful day. Thanks to all, Michael and Nancy McDonough

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