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Swim FAQs
1 What brand of wetsuit should I buy? And should I get full sleeve or sleeveless?
2 What are the best kind of goggles to use? Should I get a mask or traditional-style goggles?
3 Should I join a masters swim team?
4 How do I get faster?!

Triathlon Swim Tips
1 Practice in the environment where you race
2 Don't try and win it from the starting line to the water's edge
3 Once you're in the water, remembera tri is *three* sports. Pace yourself
4 The first time you touch the water should NOT be after the gun goes off!
5 Err on the side of comfort
Do you have a question that's not answered above? Feel free to send an email to the Club's email list, or ask the Club's Head Coach - Ian Murphy

Newbies - Swim
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Tower 26 - Gerry Rodrigues - How to Become a Better Triathlete Swimmer Brian Panosian 01/22/2013
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Open Water Swimming Brian Morel 05/02/2007
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